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The “Give Back” High School
Advocacy Program

woman_teachingThe Pipeline Programs are formulated so that each ethnically diverse law student of color from any Arizona law school accepted into the program as a “Pipeline Student” must sign a pledge, “The Pipeline Student Pledge,” to participate in all of the above programs in their chronological order as part of their scholarship eligibility requirements. The “Give to Get” policy is a framework for identifying future diverse lawyers of color, planning their development, and coaching them through the legal career planning process to ensure a steady supply of ethnically diverse leaders of color in the legal community.

The Policy: “Give to Get” - As a condition for the receipt of the renewable Pipeline Scholarship Award, each Pipeline Student is required to “Give Back” to the community by serving as a volunteer Mock Trial Coach to a designated Roosevelt or Phoenix Union School District High School. Since 1987, many high schools in the Roosevelt and the Phoenix Union School Districts that enroll a high number of ethnically diverse students consistently do not participate in the Arizona State Bar Mock Trial Competition, which is aimed at exposing high school students to the legal profession through the participation in a mock trial.

The aim of the NBA “Give Back” Program is to expose high school students of color to Pipeline Students that mirror their ethnic background while assisting the high school students in their participation in a statewide mock trial program that is the most hands-on, intensive learning simulation on the trial process available. In their 3rd Year of law school, Pipeline Students will be required to give 15 hours per week for two months to an identified Phoenix Union High School. 

To support the "Give Back” Program, the NBA Committee solicits donation of the following items:

  • Audio/visual trial advocacy training materials
  • Backpacks & paper supplies
  • Mock Trial Team uniforms - oxford shirt, tie, & business coat

In their 3rd Year of law school, Pipeline Students will be required to give up to 50 hours of volunteer time as mock trail coaches for an identified high school in the Phoenix Union School District. Click here to view the "Adopted High Schools.