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Trial Court Diversity
Clerkship Program

It is a well-known fact that great trial lawyers are not born - they are made. Hence, Pipeline Students will be assisted in obtaining summer judicial clerkships after completion of their 1st Year of law school with trial judges at the Maricopa County Superior Court and other state and federal judicial courts. The purpose of the program is to expose 1st Year Pipeline Students to the trial level process by assigning them to a judge to assist in tasks like reviewing motions, resolving discovery disputes, preparing opinions and pre-trail preparation. The Pipeline Student’s contact with the process of adjudicating disputes will refine the Pipeline Student’s skills in legal analysis, writing and effective persuasion. In addition, the Pipeline Student will be exposed to a wide variety of lawyering styles and oral and written advocacy.

NBA Trial Court Diversity Clerkship Program (photo)

Prior to the commencement of the summer clerkship, the law students must complete a one-week orientation, the “Nuts & Bolts of Trial Practice,” wherein the students will receive an intensive review of motion and discovery practice to equip them to appropriately assist their judges.  To defray the cost of tuition, each student will receive a scholarship through the NBA Pipeline Development Scholarship Fund.

Proposed Scholarship Award to each Pipeline Student: $6,500




2006 Pipeline Students Arriving for the Judicial Clerkship in downtown Phoenix




Pipeline Student, Jacob Faussette, arriving early to work with Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Roland Steinle, III.

Pipeline Students, Nick, Bruno & Jacob, strike a “distinguished gentleman” pose in front of the courthouse.

Pipeline student, Nick Faussette, on his way to his judicial clerkship.




2006 & 2007 Pipeline Students Progress




2007 Pipeline Students, Frank and Jue study hard to be number one in their class. Jue
ranked #3 in her 2007 1st Year Class & Frank got all B's and B+'s while working as a family man.

2006 Pipeline Student, Marisol Diaz, calls it quits after her finals. Marisol has a 85% G.P.A.

2006 Pipeline Student Jacob Fausett, Law Review Editor for Phoenix School of Law helps 1st year student Jue Wang on research project.