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To be become a Sponsor of the 2007 Pipeline Student Class - ad space is being sold in the Diversity Directory to raise funds for the scholarship fund. To learn more about the Diversity Directory see below and click here to download the Diversity Pages Presentation.

Why The Need To Provide Access To Justice!

"Arizona's incredible growth has created an environment where the need for legal services is growing at a pace that can’t be met with current available legal aid sources… The community needs to see that lawyers are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to justice.”
Frank X. Gordon, Former Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice

In Arizona, nearly 14% of our citizens and over 23% of children live in poverty. Many more of our working families live at, or just above, the poverty level. These are the people, many of which are people of color, who are most vulnerable when legal emergencies occur. Whether facing eviction, emergency medical situations, domestic violence or unscrupulous predators who steal life savings from unwary seniors, legal assistance from well-trained professionals can be literally the difference between life and death. To ignore the unmet legal needs of our citizens leads to enormous human suffering and a loss of civility as a society. Reported by the State Bar of Arizona 2004.

Solution: Diversity Pipeline Directory!

The Diversity Directory Helping The Community

Purpose: Not only are the number of lawyers of color in Arizona dismal, based on Arizona’s population, the availability of lawyers to service underserved communities and minority businesses is also low. The purpose of the Diversity Pipeline Directory is to connect diverse lawyers with diverse communities to provide underserved communities and businesses with access to justice.

The directory will list lawyers of color licensed in Arizona by practice area, including their address and telephone number –plus provide advertisement for legal services.

Goal: To provide a “one stop” lawyer locator for underserved communities and businesses.

Proposed Distribution:

 - 27,000 plus Directories to be published

  •   Insert in the Business Journal
  •   Distributed to members of the Association of Corporate Counsel – Arizona

 - Proposed Distribution:

  •   Community Churches
  •   Urban League
  •   Community Legal Services
  •   Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce

Helping Your Business

Advertising in the NBA Diversity Directory helps your business:

  • Target market minority communities, minority owned businesses, and community organizations
  • Increase visibility in the community as a community leader in diversity
  • Support client diversity initiatives
  • Market the services of diverse lawyers within your firm to diverse communities
  • Business lead generation

Download the Diversity Pages Presentation